Fire School

Humboldt Marine Training maintains a cooperation agreement with the Firemen Corps of Valparaiso. Through this agreement Humboldt Marine Training carries out the theoretical classes of the courses and the Firemen of Valparaiso direct the practical training.

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For this intention a training camp that belongs to the Firemen Corps was implemented on the way to “ Quebrada Verde “in the upper part of Valparaiso, there, it exists a well for the training in the attack of hydrocarbon fires and a house that allows the entrance and attacks in closed spaces and of vertical access, also there are the necessary elements to carry out practical training in the use of the different types of fire extintors that exist.

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Humboldt Marine Training has instructors with more than 20 years of experience in courses of this type, also the instructors of the Firemen Corps of Valparaiso are professionals of a recognized trajectory in the field of prevention and handling of critical situations. At the moment we promote the following courses, that are approved by the Directorate General of Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine ( DGTM and MM ) which count with the SENCE approval: Fire Fight and Prevention, IMO 1.20 Advanced Fire Fighting IMO 2.03 Advanced Complementation Fires.

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