Our Culture


In our group of companies qualification has always been a high-priority concern. Not only for the inescapable necessity to improve productivity, but also for a psychological reason: a well done work brings with himself a along greater personal satisfaction and, consequently, a better quality of life.

But for obvious reasons, the qualification that a company can offer , must always be limited and selective this is a reason for the person to be the manager of his own qualification. On the other hand, qualification must not necessarily be related to the work that one makes, although, indirectly, it benefits it. Let us see. “ In the way the load is arranged “ is a Chilean typical expression that denotes on one hand, lack of prevention but on the other, ability to adapt oneself to the contingencies of life.

In many cases that can happen. But a truck or a ship which are badly loaded might produce to the first to overturn in a curve and to the second to sink in a bad weather sea condition. Finally, it is also good to think – although been young – to develop an ability that might become a hobby when we retire or it can become an extra income. Because it is mistaken who thinks that, after so many years of sacrified and hard work”“ rest is the only rewarding prize to enjoy the “deserved good”. It is a matter of watching around us ..We can see “ old cute guys “ plenty of vitality, assets, and forging plans for the future and others, extinguished, sad, without any horizon. It is a matter of choosing.