Harbor Training

Within the present process of economic opening, globalización and internationalization of the social and economic relations the knowledge, the mobility of the manual labor, the qualification and qualification of the human talent has to be in healthy correlation with the changes in the new technologies and the use of the capital.

Through such reason the “Formation”, the “Qualification” and the “Integral Development”, happen to be fundamental pillars that they will have to support to all the instances of development, like the automation, the modernization, the adjustment of procedures of work and control among others. As the system is made up of different companies, he is indispensable to standardize the Profesionalización and the labor effectiveness of the young people who enter the world of the work and the possible workers of plant and, which at the moment they evolve in the sector.

For that reason, the future plans of Formation, Qualification and Improvement, must jeopardize for the profit of the proposed objectives, the active participation of the companies and the workers. The main object of the Division of Harbor Education, is to develop to plans and programs that prohang by the technical development, technological, humanistic and scientific of the sector.

Taking care of their objectives, “Humboldt Marine Training” projects to implement programs of Qualification, Training and Education, in the labor, academic fields, offering to the community of the sector an education him based on the labor competitions that require the diverse jobs that the modern Harbor industry requires.

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