Inicio Curso Modelo OMI 2.07 Simulador de la Camara de Máquinas

Buenos Días a todos:
Del 04 al 08 de Junioimpartiremos el Curso Modelo 2.07 Simulador de la Camara de Máquinas con una duración de 40 horas cronológicas de 0845 a 17:45 de Lunes a Viérnes. Tenemos cupos disponible.
Para más información enviar mail al correo o mescobar@humboldt.l o llamando al teléfono +56 32 2202664.

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Students of Universidad Austral visit Navigation Simulator

2015-07-23 18.54.50

Valparaiso, July 23rd of 2015 – Twelve Students of Naval Engineering Degree specializing in Maritime Transport of Universidad Austral of Chile, visit Navigation Simulator, led by Senior Professor and Pilot of the National Merchant Marine Juan Condeza. This visit was intended to become familiar the students with the management of a Navigation Bridge and all electronics equipment that it comprises; making for it, sailing in the simulator through channels of Southern Chile.

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“Inspection and Repair of Ship structures” Course

Valparaiso, July 2015: “Inspection and Repair of Ship structures” Course was performed from July 1st to 3rd of 2015, conducted by Mr. Manuel Gutierrez Arroba – Senior Principal Specialist of Lloyd’s Register. Attended by Captains, Chief Engineers, Superintendents of Humboldt and Antares Naviera, besides DIRECTEMAR Inspectors.

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Training for Pilots with Azimuthal Seagoing Tugs


Practical Training of the different ports of Chile

Valparaiso, July 19th of 2015 – In our Bridge and Tug simulator Pilots from Valparaiso, Quintero and San Antonio, together with two Tug Captains from Quintero made practices maneuvers in simulated ports of Valparaiso and San Antonio. This meets the need to standardize communications between Tug Captains and Harbor Pilots in order to make safer maneuvers and maximize the capabilities possessed by Azimuthal Tugs.

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Second Group of Colombian Pilots from Barranquilla in Training in HMT

There are in training of Maneuvers with ASD Tugs Colombian Pilots from Barranquilla William Quiñones, Carlos Salgado and Leonardo Pinzon together with Tug Captains from Coltug.

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First Group of Colombian Pilots from Barranquilla in Training in HMT

There are in training of Maneuvers with ASD Tugs Colombian Pilots from Barranquilla Jaime Martinez y Alejandro Henao together with Tug Captains from Coltug.

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Training of Colombian Tug Captains in HMT

From April 13th, 2015 we are performing the Course ASD Tugs Pilot for Tug Captains Moises Zeballos (Peru), Mario Dussan (Colombia) and Juan Peña (Colombia).

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Sailing Academy

Academia NavegacionAccording to our continuous training plan and with the purpose to keep our crews trained and at the forefront in the use of new technologies available for navigation, we are retraining all our officers in the Art of Sailing. For this Humboldt Marine Training is making them a Sailing Academy of 4 days, between theoretical and practical classes.

In this Academy is bring back to mind all the knowledge previously acquired, doing a greater emphasis on maximizing Information Electronic Chart Display and Information System, considering the recommendations of IMO Solas V/19 in which this becomes a primary navigation equipment which having an electronic Backup System may replace paper charts (paperless)


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Simulator Training for First Officer Assent Exam

We are carrying out Second Officers preparation to take tests of First Officer Assent on Friday 17th of April, 2015 facing the qualifying committee of the Maritime Training Centre (CIMAR “Centro de Instrucción Marítima” in Spanish).

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Humboldt Marine Training acquires new Navigation and Tug Simulator staying at the forefront of these technologies at national level.

Puente 3

Valparaíso – In October of 2014 Humboldt Marine Training purchased the new Transas version of Navigation Simulator “Navi Trainer Professional 5000” in its last version, obtaining with this a technological tool for the modern training of Officers and Futures Merchant Marine Officers of the Country. For this we have 5 conventional Bridges, 2 of which can act as Tugs Azimuthal, capacity which distinguishes us and makes us stand out from other Simulation Centers.



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